Rape of Lucrece

Rape of Lucrece – Class 2 of School of Night

November 8, 2014

Shakespeare’s “graver labour,” the follow-up long poem to mega-hit Venus and Adonis, is a strange piece indeed. Right after her horrific rape, Lucrece, Roman paragon of womanly virtue, takes a tour of the art on her own walls for about a tenth of the entire poem. What is Shakespeare saying about the relevance of “reading” art and applying it to one’s own circumstances and experiences?


Online Shakespeare Authorship Class – November 6, 13, & 20

October 16, 2014

Join Washington State University Professor of English Michael Delahoyde and The Shakespeare Underground on three evenings in November for School of Night, an interactive class. These live video webcasts will feature real-time discussion via chat and a Q&A session in which participants with webcams can appear onscreen and converse with the group. The Shakespeare Hoax…