Papers of Edward Alleyn and Philip Henslowe are online

August 6, 2012

The personal and business papers of actor Edward Alleyn and theater impresario Philip Henslowe are online and awaiting your perusal! Dulwich College, founded by Alleyn, is opening up papers from its archive to the online community. “Less than half of the theatrical items in the Henslowe-Alleyn Papers have ever been transcribed, and these transcriptions are…


Aug 4, 1598 – William Cecil Dies

August 4, 2012

Chief advisor to Queen Elizabeth I for almost 50 years, William Cecil, Lord Burghley, may have been a model for Polonius, the moralizing, meddling royal counselor and father of Ophelia in Shakespeare’s Hamlet. The nuggets of wisdom he compiled for his son bear a striking resemblance to the memorable (and much more quotable) counsel Polonius…


Happy birthday, William Henry Ireland!

August 2, 2012

Born August 2, 1775, the youthful forger filled Shakespeare’s biographical void by creating the sort of personal literary effects scholars had been energetically but vainly searching for. While the Bard’s peers left behind letters, manuscripts, and other written relics, all that had been found in William Shakespeare’s hand at the close of the 18th century…