Declaration of Reasonable Doubt

A good introduction to the essentials of the authorship question, and some of the problems with the traditional belief in William Shakespeare/Shaksper as the author of the plays and poetry. Hosted by the Shakespeare Authorship Coalition,  an organization “Dedicated to legitimizing the Shakespeare authorship issue by increasing awareness of reasonable doubt about the identity of William Shakespeare.” 


Shakespearean Authorship Trust

Chaired by the great stage actor (and founding Artistic Director of Shakespeare’s Globe Theatre in London) Mark Rylance. “The SAT exists to promote constructive engagement between advocates of all the claimants, making common cause to sharpen scholarship, challenge false assumptions, and follow the evidence wherever it may lead in the interests of all those who share a passion for Shakespeare.”


Brief Chronicles: An Interdisciplinary Journal of Authorship Studies

A peer reviewed scholarly journal of early modern studies, with a special focus on the Shakespearean authorship question and related topics of literary history.


The Shakespeare Oxford Fellowship

An educational foundation that promotes scholarship and debate on the authorship question. 


Shakespeare Upon Ipod 

A thought-provoking 9-part podcast by Mark Anderson, author of the Edward de Vere-as-Shakespeare biography “Shakespeare” by Another Name, available in the iTunes library.